I am straight but I would like to have homosexual intercourse with my closest friend?

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I am straight but I would like to have homosexual intercourse with my closest friend?

I am 24 i’m right and will have been, however for recent years years now i’ve wished to have homosexual intercourse with my closest friend. I do not would like to try it with anyother man, i just desire homosexual sex with him and just him. I have also guaranteed myself if he wants too after we try gay sex, assuming we eve do that i will gladly get into a relationship with him. It has been my fantasy for a long time now, i’d like nothing but to possess intercourse with him and simply feel exactly just what its want to finally rest with with him. Just What do you consider this will be? Does being drawn to mainly girls, but liking just one man make me personally homosexual?

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No. That alone does not prompt you to gay. Being gay is just an intimate orientation and that is because of attraction. Would you find your self drawn to him emotionally/romantically and physically/sexually? Will there be just real attraction? Or will you be just thinking about attempting intercourse with him since you’re inquisitive in an attempt to see what it really is like? Can you feel attraction or intimate interest at all for almost any other dudes, or perhaps is it simply him?

If you have no attraction for him or other dudes, you are not homosexual. You would nevertheless be heterosexual. But being heterosexual does not preclude you against being interested or curious in trying intercourse with another man to see just what it’s love. That is just a matter of experimentation and experiencing just exactly just what life is offering. There is what’s called MSM, or men that have intercourse with guys. That features not merely homosexual and bisexual dudes but in addition right dudes who still take pleasure in the solely sexual joy to be had from an excellent penis while feeling no attraction whatsoever to dudes. (WSW means ladies who have sexual intercourse with ladies. )