hypnosis-microphone-things — Hello! Can i request the fling posse members.

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hypnosis-microphone-things — Hello! Can i request the fling posse members.

See, that is just just just what the software is ideal for.


A location for Hypnosis Microphone fans and things. I actually do headcanon and matchup needs.

Anonymous asked:

Hello! Can i request the fling posse members dating a person whos enthusiastic about cats? Love your website btw, is really so adorable ^^

Many thanks plenty! Enthusiastic about kitties, huh? Like, crazy pet woman kind status? Oh, boy…

Fling Posse x Cat Obsessed s/o

  • He’d both love and hate this. It could rely on particular facets. Let’s undergo them.
  • He want finding approaches to include their obsession in their clothes. There will have to be something cat themed in almost every outfit his s/o wears.
  • This could suggest both creating brand brand brand new cat-themed clothing since well as searching for precious cat-style add-ons!
  • He might also produce a pet themed fashion line along with this motivation…
  • He’d additionally love searching for attractive pet themed presents for their s/o. You will find loads of various alternatives! Although a lot of them are directed at young ones, their s/o really really really really really loves them simply the exact exact same. It’s the idea that really matters!
  • But, the attention would be hated by him their s/o provides kitties.
  • Whenever Ramuda is going on a date he wishes all attention on him. When their s/o makes him stop for thirty minutes to view kittens play in a animal store screen it kinda ticks him down.
  • This goes twice for if their s/o has a pet of the very own. He’d hate it with a burning passion due to exactly exactly just just how love that is much attention it can take far from him.
  • Needless to say, he could not do just about anything to damage it. Perhaps simply glare attention…if you know what I mean at it and then give his s/o a reason or two to give him some. ;)
  • Actually, he’d oftimes be like, ehh…
  • He prefers kitties to dogs since they’re quieter and a little less mainenence.